Reduce Your Future Cost; Offer Your Jobsite for PDA Development

ACA has received funding from the Workers Compensation Board to coordinate the development of Physical demands Analysis (PDAs) for trades occupations involved in construction.

PDA is a breakdown of every task performed for each position, the time spent on each task, and every fitness related hazard associated with that task. PDAs help to fairly and accurately determine the physical requirement needed for a worker to safely perform specific tasks.  These assessments help employers assign the right resource to the right job and reduce the time needed to safely return an injured worker back to work.  Employers will no longer have to incur the expense of developing a PDA when required by the WCB, by using the ACA PDA as an industry standard.

The Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) developed PDAs for industrial construction occupations in August 2015 with funding from a WCB special industry dividend. This work was completed with significant funds remaining. These funds have been made available to expand the development of PDAs to more construction occupations.

PDAs are completed by a qualified professional (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, ergonomist) on the job site, typically requiring 4-8 hours depending on the job.

ACA is recruiting a vendor to begin conducting PDAs on jobsites beginning February 2020.

ACA is seeking to develop PDAs for virtually every trade or occupation employed in commercial or residential construction.

You can contribute to this project by offering your jobsite and personnel.  Jobsites within the Edmonton to Calgary corridor are preferred.  Multiple assessments on the same jobsite will preserve funding to cover more occupations.

During cold weather, assessments for indoor occupations are preferred.

To participate, please contact Project Manager Andrew Gibson, ; 780-405-9854 with occupations; jobsite location, and preferred dates for site visit.

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