Mar 172014

ACA is this year’s recipient of the Alberta Construction Safety Association’s Partners Award. The Partners award is presented to an organization in recognition of the efforts given to the promotion of the ACSA and for invaluable input towards program development in the interest of construction health and safety.

As we celebrate the ACSA’s twenty-fifth anniversary, we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration between our organizations.

OHS Survey

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Feb 242014

Nichols Applied Management has been asked by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) to identify the information and data needs of employers and workers in Alberta. The results will help to identify what information and data are needed and valued by OHS stakeholders so that decisions concerning the development of new resources is informed by the interests of Albertans.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would complete a brief survey that asks about your firm’s data and information needs in regards to Occupational Health and Safety.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The link to take you to the survey is:

If you have any questions or concerns about the authenticity of the survey, please contact:

Mr. Gene Ozon,
Effective Practices Specialist
Occupational Health and Safety Program Development and Research

And if you have any questions about the survey itself, please contact:

Mary McIntyre
Nichols Applied Management



Directors reviewed a number of items, including:

Industry partnerships with K-Grade 12 education

ACA to flesh out it’s K-12 education strategy that considers the following points:

1. Where does ACA add value and not duplicate / interfere with initiatives and partnerships of Local Construction Associations?

2. What are truly provincial initiatives?

3. How do we maximize return on investment?

Public Funding of Private Delivery of Apprenticeship Training

The Board unanimously passed the following motion:

ACA opposes, and encourages Canadian Construction Association to oppose, federal government funding of apprenticeship training through the Canada Jobs Grant Program.  Areas where the Jobs Grant should be used include pre-apprenticeship training and post-journeyman upgrading.

ACA opposes any fragmentation of the apprenticeship system that follows from public funding of private delivery of apprenticeship training.

Training of BIM Practitioners

The Board also is providing comments on proposed approaches of educational institutions in training BIM practitioners.

Safety in Education Curriculum

ACA’s Brian Freemark is developing recommendations for Government.

Silica Dust

ACA continues to seek information to examine best practices to reduce occupational exposure to silica dust.

Refusal of Modified Work

The Board continues to review options of providing industry opposition to the WCB position that the WCB obligation to pay compensation does not end in situations where the employee has been terminated with cause.



Jan 062014

The Alberta Government has released a new Health and Safety Bulletin Lead at The Work Site. The bulletin addresses common sources of lead exposure, methods of controlling exposure in the work site, and legislation requirements under the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code.


microsoft software downloadsork Safe Alberta has been re-established with a Vision of: “Alberta is a recognized leader in the development, implementation, and promotion of a positive health and safety culture”.  ACA Past Chair Brian Freemark is ACA's appointee to the Minister's Joint Strategic Advisory Body (JSAB) to connect industry perspectives with the Work Safe initiative.  The JSAB met December 10th and confirmed 10 strategic directions to work on, with Brian leading the strategic direction to “Increase focus on workplace health and safety in all levels of Alberta's education system”.  ACA will support the efforts of Brian and Work Safe Alberta to further improve safety for Alberta workers and workplaces


OHS Partnerships is seeking input from stakeholders on the question of developing some new methods to deal with Certificate of Recognition (COR) holders who have been through the Employer Review process two or more times, but where their health and safety performance is not improving over time.  They will measure performance using the new Employer Scorecard which considers Disabling Injury Rate, Loss Time Claim Rate, Days Lost Frequency Rate and the occurrence of fatalities over multiple years.

Currently, when reportable incidents occur, to COR holders, Partnerships conducts a review of the incident with and determines whether the employer may have significant deficiencies in their health and safety management systems.  When deficiencies are identified, a meeting is held with the employer and an action plan with deliverables and completion dates is developed.  As this process occurs each time a reportable incident occurs with a COR holder, some employers have been through the action plan process several times.  While most employers show some dramatic improvement following completion of their action plans, not all improve and some continue to have more incidents.  There are not many COR holders in this situation, but they are aware of some, and they will be in better position to identify others once the data from 2013 from the WCB becomes available.   The idea is for Partnerships to develop a “toolbox” of approaches that we could use to assist these COR holders.
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ACA's Safety / WCB Committee met with Partnerships November 28. Click here to see the OHS presentation from the 28.

As per the preceding paragraph, OHS is seeking industry input on additional measures to address those few employers who continue to trigger reviews (OHS ideas are covered in bottom slide on page 10 of the attached document) .  One idea raised yesterday from industry was that these employers be subject to more frequent and random external audits as part of their action plan.  The regular audit cycle would come into play once OHS was satisfied that the problems had been rectified.

Please provide your comments by December 12 to


Key items discussed by Safety / WCB committee November 7th included:

  • Occupational exposure to silica dust.  ACA thanks Diane Radnoff (AB OHS) for her presentation.  OHS worksite sampling found many vertical sites and workers across numerous occupations exposure higher than the limit.  Awareness was low and in many instances safe procedures were not in use. ACA will work with members and OHS to address these issues.
  • WCB draft policy on causation.  Please email any comments on the draft policy to by December 4

ACA was pleased to receive recognition November 5 as a new Partner in the OHS Partners Program.  Participation in the program provides an opportunity for ACA to promote best practices, receive current information of value to the members, and as an additional channel for industry advocacy.


The OHS Amendment Regulation has passed and the changes to the OHS Regulation will take effect October 1, 2013.

The OHS Regulation had undergone review as it was set to expire on September 30, 2013.  The OHS Regulation specifies requirements on administrative matters such as availability of critical documents on worksite, worker training, worker certification requirements etc.

After the comprehensive review and consultation, the OHS Regulation is revised and renewed.  The revision is not extensive.  The OHS Program has released a bulletin explaining the changes to the OHS Regulation,


OHS Call for Information

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Sep 162013

Alberta Human Services Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is undertaking plans to develop resource materials regarding three important OHS topics: hazard assessment, leading indicators and supervisor responsibilities.  Feedback gathered from stakeholders including both the CP group and the Partners lead to the selection of these topics.  The purpose of these resources is to assist Alberta employers and workers to better understand these subjects and where applicable, the requirements of Alberta OHS legislation.  The project teams include staff drawn from both Partnerships and OHS Program Development and Research.

We are asking for your participation by sharing the information that your organization has developed on these topics.  More details about the projects and the information requested is available here.

The team members are looking for you input by Friday, September 27, 2013.  Please submit your information to the following team members:

Hazard assessment -
Leading indicators -

Supervisor responsibilities -

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